Organic Chicken Bone Broth 250ml


Bone broth is the perfect accompaniment to any meal, and is also a great supplement if you need an immune system boost.

This chicken broth is made with certified organic chicken bones – grass fed and grass finished without chemicals or pesticides. Slow cooked for over 24 hours with Australian grown herbs and vegetables and bio-dynamic apple cider vinegar.

No gluten containing grains | No added sugar | Only healthy fats | No chemical nasties

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Serving suggestions : Add salt and spice to taste. We love it with a tiny pinch of sea salt, a swig of hot sauce and some fresh herbs.

A few of the benefits of bone broth include:

Reduces inflammation
Promotes a strong and healthy immune system
Supports strong and healthy bones
Reduces joint pain and faster recovery from sport and injuries
Aids digestion and heals the lining of the gut aka ‘leaky gut’
Decreases food allergies & intolerance's such as gluten and lactose
Aids in the treatment of intestinal disorders
Promotes a healthy balance of good/bad bacteria in the gut
Increases collagen for healthy tight skin, hair shiny and nails strong

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