Hello Snowglobe Designer Fabric Gift Wraps – New Prints


Inspired by the Japanese fabric wrapping Furoshiki, Hello Snowglobe brings you beautiful cotton fabric wraps with modern designs to elevate and personalise your gift giving.

An eco-friendly alternative to single use wrapping paper, which will be in circulation for years to come. Use it withing your family home or give it as part of the gift.

Sustainable, reusable and timeless.

Instructions for wrapping inside!


FAQ: 1. Why use fabric gift wrap?  Every Christmas, Australians throw away over 350 000 km of wrapping paper! That’s equivalent of 50 000 trees! And that’s just Christmas alone. Wrapping paper is used and discarded without much thought - what a waste!    2. Wrapping Paper Isn't Recyclable.  The thinness of the paper, along with the variety of inks, foils, and sparkles that are added, means many recycling facilities do not accept wrapping paper or gift bags. Tissue paper is too thin to be recycled and plastic tape ends up going to landfill.  3. Hello Snowglobe wraps are unique!  Hello Snowglobe wraps are more than just a square of fabric! Made of 100% cotton, these gift wraps include a removable ribbon, which is attached to the centre of the wrap. This allows gifts to be wrapped in the traditional method or, by removing the ribbon, they can be wrapped and tied, Japanese style. Lovingly wrapping your gift in fabric is a unique way to add an element of luxury that is also better for the environment.  4. Do I give the wrapping with the present or can I ask for it back? That's s totally up to you! It would be great to live in a world where everyone used fabric wrapping and it worked in a ‘swap and go’ fashion! Until then, it is personal choice if you want to include it as part of the gift (how lovely! They can then pass it on to someone else!) or suggest that you’d like to use it for the next present you wrap. Realistically, paper wrapping is normally discarded after a single use, so requesting your Hello Snowglobe wrap comes back to you is a reasonable suggestion too. Maybe you can use it initially within your own family (especially within your own home!) where there is an understanding that the wrapping fabric leaves with the person who brought it. Having the conversation prior to the giving of the gift may reduce potential awkward situations once the gift has been given. Either way, your Hello Snowglobe designer fabric gift wrap will be used over and over again for years to come.

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