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Our Promise to You

Our Mission – to bring fresh, local, affordable organics to busy families in Bundeena & Maianbar.

We want to nourish your family as well as we do our own, so we’ll always bring you the freshest and best organics we can find.

Bundeena Organics - Fresh-Local-Affordable

100% Organic

All our fresh produce is certified organic. Every bit of it, down to the last bean. And almost all of our other products are too.


Always Fresh

Your produce comes straight from the farm, via our supplier, to you, so you can’t get fresher without picking it yourself!



All our fresh produce is grown in Australia, as close to us as we can source. The shorter the distance from farm to plate the better.



All our produce is as affordable as we can make it. We buy in bulk and pass on the wholesale savings so your family saves too.