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How Do I Order?

It’s easy!

Certified Organic Produce - Delivered to Bundeena Every 2nd Thursday


Choose your extras - Bakery goods, Dairy, Meat, Seafood, Pantry goods


Pick up 3-8pm Thursday - Bundeena Organics

3-8pm Thursday + 10am-8pm Friday

Orders Close Midnight Tuesday








What Can I Order?

Fruit+Veg Box - Bundeena Organics

Organic Seasonal Fruit + Veg

Organic Pantry + Dry Goods - Bundeena Organics

Organic Pantry + Dry Goods

Organic Sourdough - Bundeena Organics

Organic Bread + Pastries

Organic Eggs - Bundeena Organics

Organic Dairy + Eggs

How Do I Pay?

Pay by Credit Card at Checkout - Securely via STRIPE - Bundeena Organics
Pay by Bank Deposit - Details at checkout - Same day payment required - Bundeena Organics

Payment Options:

  • Credit Card via STRIPE

  • Bank Deposit after checkout

 (Payment must clear to confirm order.)

Sometimes, due to weather or logistics, produce is unavailable. If something’s missing from your order and we can’t substitute it with similar produce, we’ll refund you within 3 working days.

Pick up + Delivery

Pick Up Address - Bundeena Organics
Opening Hours - Bundeena Organics
Bundeena Organics Delivery Timeline

We Deliver!

$3 delivery fee within Bundeena
$5 delivery fee to Maianbar
Elsewhere Delivery - BUndeena Organics

What Can I Expect In My F+V Box?

We focus on what’s in season, what’s affordable and a good variety

A mix of super-fresh Certified Organic Australian Produce.

We use a Mixed Box model for Fruit + Veg. The mix of produce depends on what’s available from farms on the day.

We prioritise variety and value and you’ll always find loads of salad and roasting vegetables, seasonal fruit and often something new and different to try.

 You can add Extra F + V to tailor your box to your needs or choose what you like best in a fully customised Extras Box.

Dani organises a wonderfully fresh big box of organic fruit and veg fortnightly. All the staples and usually a few exotic goodies. Have you always thought eating organic is too expensive? Well now it’s not!


Can I Swap Produce I Won’t Use?

Share the Love - Use the SWAP BOX
Share the Love - Use the SWAP BOX

YES! We love to avoid waste, so if your family needs to avoid particular produce due to allergy/intolerance issues or preferences, please let us know. You can leave a note on your order at checkout. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request and replace it with an alternative. 

Or you can:

  • Gift it to a neighbour, or
  • Donate it to our SWAP BOX

We love our SWAP BOX! It’s a chance for our members to get more of what they love, reduce waste and sometimes make someone else’s day.

How does the SWAP BOX work?

It’s simple. Leave what you won’t use; take what you need. There’s no need to leave something before taking something. Sometimes you’ll leave, sometimes you’ll take – it works itself out in the end.

Share The Love - Use The SWAP BOX

Leave what you won’t use; take what you need.

Share The Love - Use The SWAP BOX

Sometimes There's Extra Fruit + Veg

Sometimes Produce with Marks or Bruises

Sometimes Members Leave Gifts to Share!