We ♥ Giving

At Bundeena Organics, giving’s important.

We launched Bundeena Organics, to bring the very best medicine – organic food, to our town. We want to give our friends and neighbours healthy choices, convenience, but most importantly, access to outstanding food at affordable prices.

That’s still our mission, and what keeps us excited when things get tough. But we know that tough times for us are nowhere near what tough times are for so many.

An abundance of nourishing food passes through our hands each week. We’re aware that this is an extraordinary privilege.

A privilege that’s simply not available to many.

So we feel compelled to share that abundance by giving to our neighbours near and far.

It’s our honour to support these organisations, who support people in need:

Bundeena Organics Supports those in need
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We Support

Bundeena Organics supports Food Bank

Food Bank fights hunger by sourcing food for Australians in need.

  • The Food Crisis – One in five people in Australia were food insecure at some point in the last 12 months.
  • What Foodbank does – It’s the pantry to the charity sector in Australia.
  • The result – Last year alone, Foodbank sourced enough food for over 77 million meals.
  • Every $1 we donate provides 2 meals for Australians in need.
We make a regular monthly donation,
PLUS $1 from every Fruit + Veg box sold,

so Foodbank can continue to provide nourishment and support to those who need it the most.

Bundeena Organics Supports the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre provides Frontline Services, Advocacy and Empowerment to people seeking asylum in Australia.

  • The ASRC Foodbank and Community Meals programs offer food security to over 650 people each week. 
  • Community meals is the heart of ASRC, serving hot meals, 5 days a week to around 240 people. For many, with no income and no permanent housing, this is their only hot meal for the day.
  • Harvest of Hope Market Garden is an urban farming initiative providing fresh produce to the ASRC Foodbank and Community Meals programs. It’s tended by volunteers, including people seeking asylum.
We make a regular monthly donation,
PLUS we’re holding a Feast for Freedom,

to raise funds so ASRC can support survivors of torture.


How Can I Help?

Shop Fruit + Veg

Shop Fruit + Veg

Order your Organic Mixed Fruit + Veg box each fortnight, and provide 4 meals a month for Australians in need.

Share a Meal With Us

Share a Meal With Us

Join us soon at our Feast for Freedom. We’ll celebrate good food and great company, raise funds for people seeking asylum, and celebrate what unites us.

Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Jump in with us and make a difference with your own once off or regular monthly donation to support Foodbank or ASRC and help our neighbours in need.